Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1986 Volkswagon Golf Diesel - $3000 (russian river)

Here's something to write home about. A nice looking VW Golf diesel up near the Russian River, wife asking $3k. Not a lot of details in the ad, but a small 2-door diesel with the benefits of VW Golf suspension tuning and access to the awesome GTI parts of its day, this could be a fun little track car.

Okay, it would be an even more practical commuter. And with the hatch in back you might even be able to get a big dog in the back... Would you replace a near 3-ton truck with this little bugger?


  1. No, because I would miss having access to a tow vehicle. But, hypothetically, if I had a silver mid-2000s Mustang GT, I would replace it with this.

    I wonder if you could create extra dog-space by removing the rear seats completely.

    Google is advertising a "promotional wrecker sale" at me. LOL!

  2. your words hurt my friend, they hurt.