Wednesday, December 17, 2008

0-60 Times And MPGs In 1985

This is a sort of a follow-on post to NDC's 1987 CRX, which is really a pretty amazing car. I lived with this Hungarian guy for a summer during college. He was a very knowledgeable car nut, and he liked to say, "You know, Honda engineers can figure out a better way to do anything. If Honda decided to make a fork, I would go out and buy it, because they would have made it the best damn fork ever."

This CRX Page has MPG's and 0-60 times from a 1985 Road and Track, including the CRX, the MR2, Fiero, VW GTI, BMW 318i, the RX-7, Isuzu Impulse, and the Fiat/Bertone X1/9j, reformatted below:

The CRX has the highest MPG by a long shot (35mpg vs 29mpg for the Impulse in scond place), but had the highest slalom speed and was a very close second only to the MR2 in the quarter mile and in 0-60. The MR2 only gets 27mpg, though, so it is burning about 23% more gasoline so you can get to 60 three-tenths of a second faster. Even the 1986 Porche 944 (non-turbo) hit 60 in 8.9 seconds, slower than the CRX's 8.7 for what must have been a giant difference in retail. 1985 Nissan 200SX Turbo, also slower at 9.5 seconds.

Yeah, pretty speedy little guys, dem CRXes.


  1. yea, the honda crx is a magical car. i remember trying very hard to think of the best car for our first lemons. it is one of my favorite exercises to rack my brain on a car quiz. i was not overly familar with the crx and its virtues then, but when we found the first pisser in emeryville for $225 and X and i took it on the 80 for our first test drive, i remember we looked at each other and couldn't believe what we had found for that little money. do you remember, X, when we stopped near the horse race track and tried to figure out whether to keep looking or just to buy the car? i think we made the right choice.

  2. I cannot believe we bought that car for $225. Or that we had to think about whether we wanted to buy it for more than thirty seconds. I wonder how Raven is doing in English art school or whatever it was.

  3. you really don't remember what school it was? she was moving to london to go to puppet school dude. the best part of the story was she had a website that no one had ever been to that she told us to check out. on it was a fundraising thermometer that said "send raven to puppet school, goal $1500", but only like $10 was highlighted.

  4. Well, we must have bumped it up to $235, then, huh?