Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1970 BMW 2002,clean title,5 speed,2 doors,4 cylinder,nice - $1000 (burlingame)

Underpriced? Or did this dude drop a zero off of the price? Cherry red BMW 2002, looks like an immaculate exterior, "RUN PERFECT"?

By the way, whose brilliant idea at BMW was it to name these things "2002"? It's a pain to shop for these on craigslist, because there are a lot more 2002 BMW's than there are BMW 2002s.

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  1. note that there were multiple 2002 models. the one that was best performing and most rare was the 2002tii. my pops had one. that is the one you are after. pops said he never should have sold it. but i agree this car looks under priced and would be very cool in NDC's driveway.