Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1977 Honda Accord Hatchback - $1100 (cupertino)

I really dig late 70's Hondas. Actually I like most vehicles from Japan around that period. It is like the Honda engineers did a tour of Europe, found the hottest cars and motorcycles imaginable (which were usually English or Italian), and then instilled Japanese values (compactness, efficiency, and practicality) in those designs. The `77 Accord (left) is very Maserati-esque. Like the CB750 was for Triumph motorcycles. Only with more wheels.


  1. I love these little two-door Accords. Now, Xenotrope and I disagree about their aesthetic connection to anything produced by Maserati (I find that claim outlandish). What draws me to them is their pure functionality. They are purpose built. At a time when other car manufacturers were relocating design studios to California to catch the new trends, Honda was getting its inauspicious start in importing cars made for utility. Its that utility that shines through years later. That, and those marvelously clean steelies on this example.

  2. The way the front grille leans forward is definitely Maserati-derived. Purpose was definitely first, but they were not ignorant of aesthetics. Things seemed to get less Euro for the Japanese as the 80s progressed, though. 1982 Toyota Tercel, for example. Raw function, no design.