Saturday, December 20, 2008

1976 Toyota Corolla SR5 Coupe - $1500 (hayward / castro valley)

This looks like a cheap, unmolested piece of history, in a shade of mustard yellow that brings out the best of 1976. Mr. Yodeler (via familial automotive lore) always says that you should get at least two out of three, among (1) interior; (2) exterior; and (3) mechanical functioning. Based on the pictures, this one clearly has the first two, which is often indicative of the third: it seems likely the engine would have been taken care of as well as the rest of the car.

I was just reading one of Edward Tufte's books on information presentation, and he happened to have a 1977 Consumer Reports diagram for a set of cars from that year (as a good example how to present a lot of data concisely). The Mercedes 300D was on there, with a very respectable showing, but Corolla was an amazing standout, it looked as if no one had complained about anything breaking on their '77 Corolla. And they are pretty hot.


  1. Hey looks like we have a reader from Copperopolis voting in the poll.

  2. I like this thing. It looks a little "Corrola-saurus Rex". I fear it's power though. The American versions of these topped out at 75 horses...I'd give it a spin though.

  3. If you are still selling this car give me shoot me an email

  4. Funny, I actually own this very car you are looking at, it has since been slightly modified though, has a Corolla GTS rear end now with the disc brakes and the coil overs up front..I have a ton of plans for this car.

  5. Replies
    1. no, I've had it now for almost 3 years now. I shipped it back home to Boston back in 2011 and it's been in the garage since covered up