Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rare 1983 isuzu diesel pup lower truck - $2100 (hollister)

Clearly, this guy has time on his hands, and knows what he likes. The pup (fka the Chevy Luv b/t '72 and '81) looks to be a sweet little truck. This one looks well cared for, plus rims and the Stack...I am tempted. Add to this it's diesel-ness and Hollister suddenly seems quote close.


  1. "the only reson why i am selling my truck is becuase i need to fix my other truck." and when he says fix, he means FIX.

    Usually I am more a fan of all-original rather than pimped-out . . . but this one is so off the wall i actually dig it. A diesel p'up is an unlikely car to pimp out. And the Stack is awesome. If you think you can handle it, I think you'd look great in this one.

  2. i think this has nom de car's name all over it.