Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2002 MUSTANG GT - $7800 (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)

There is sometimes a slight disagreement on this page about the merits of American muscle cars. This blogger happens to think they are quite divine. I went out to visit this late model Mustang tonight and came home with, well, with this late model mustang. The exterior is spotless, paint shiny, car clearly garaged for its entire life. The 64k miles and clean carfax show the car has not been abused. The interior is the less desireable light grey leather (rather than black). The plasticky interior screams, "rental car." But the 5-speed shifts smoothly, the clutch engages just right, and the 4.6L SOHC 260hp American V-8 purrs through its American made Flowmaster mufflers at just the right volume. She will make a fine addition to the stable.


  1. Well, there wasn't a disagreement "on this page" before, as this is the first post of an American muscle car. Ok! ok! Stop twisting my arm. Fine, your car has no merit.

    Except that it can go very fast. And it is less cheesy than the Z28.

  2. And admit that the wheels are cool.

  3. American muscle is beautiful. It's just a two pump chump. There is quality in lasting power (though the musty buyer likely wouldn't give an f).