Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1984 nissan 300zx - $4000 (willows)

This might be worth a detour.

In part because the seller of this car said - 'wife thinks we have to many cars, if thats even posible.'"

Yodler sez by email:
"u'd consider paying $4k for that? agree with X but for the louvers over the eyes on this one. shows class."

I respond:
"i was considering it. it's so 80s. there is style there; it's just magnum PI, not Baretta...if Magnum drove a Nissan instead of a Ferrari.

style aside, the 300zx had balls too. the non turbo spit out 150 hp (granted, so did the S30 at 300 pounds less, but I wouldn't kick Miss February out of bed to tap the playmate of the year instead.)"

1 comment:

  1. Pretty funny. Looks nice for what it is, but I feel like the there is a
    significant dropoff in style and cachet with these as compared to the S30s
    (240/280). Datsun is so much cooler than Nissan -- curvier, less plastic,
    blue license plates, etc. Make sure you check if it is a 5spd.