Friday, December 19, 2008

passion, thy name is crx

Somewhere in Copperopolis,* circa 2002:

Self: what am i to do today?

Me: you could scratch your sack for a few hours.

Self: but I have these Lambo doors....

Me: ellen is on.

Self: and a crx out back.....

Me: you think i could take Todd Palin?

Self: oh shite; let's house this muther.

* which, I kid you not, is just west of New Melones Lake. New Melones?! I love the Spanish.


  1. So much to love. "dash lights that light up green or blue"? I didn't realize until now how bored I was with one color. "brand new neon blue carpet!" I think I'd have to make the dome light a blacklight to bring that out.

    "needs a new clutch and to be put back together easy assembly will help if needed just dont have the money to buy new clutch." Not gonna get that money either, if you keep asking $6500 for your car that needs a clutch . . . even if it does have lambo doors.

  2. this poses a good question for the blog. perhaps we could set up a poll x? how much does lambo doors enhance the value of your ride? i say 2 to 3 times the normal asking. this seller seems to think it is more like 5 to 6 times the normal asking.